The Beers

This is a vaguely chronological list of all the craft beers we have brewed, are brewing or will brew in the future.  We rarely brew exactly the same craft beer twice and are always interested in your ideas and suggestions so please tell us what you'd like us to try next.
Cob Roller sold out

Our new pale ale with an orange hue and plenty of orange and mandarin aroma. We designed this to be a great session beer but also to pair well with food.  It's also incredibly refreshing so we expect to be selling a lot of this once the temperatures improve!


Alc. 4.1%     59 IBU     11 EBC

Blatchy available now

Having run into naming issues this is our rebranded porter now with added oats - or more precisely malted oats! The oats add a touch of viscosity to the beer so that it all feels a lot more balanced.  As for the name, well "blatchy" is a Glaws work for black or dark. We're also pretty sure no-one else is going to have a beer called that!


Alc. 4.5%     22 IBU     65 EBC


Alc. 4.7%     25 IBU     26 EBC

Smeechy available now

Certainly the most unusual beer we've made so far where we take a full amber ale and add beechwood smoked malt.  The result is a little bit of smoky bacon on the nose but a rich warming malty glow when you taste. We love it and let's face it - everything is better with bacon!

Wild West available now
A big barrel-full of West Coast IPA with plenty of hops to balance out the rich malty backbone.  British hops provide the bittering element to this beer with huge amounts of hops added at the end of the boil to take the this stuff to another level.  Tune in and Hop out, man.

Alc. 5.3%     >55 IBU     20 EBC


Alc. 4.7%     53 IBU     18 EBC

Sou' West sold out - back soon

People loved Wild West but based on some feedback we've created an English version that's a little lighter in terms of alcohol and also more traditional in its taste. Masses of Brewer's Gold hops have been lavished on this little treasure and we hope you'll like it as much as it's big brother.

Sly sold out - back next year

In days gone by a "sly house" was an unlicenced ale house and this is a farmhouse ale in a "saison" style with lemon verbena as well as hops. Cloudy, slightly funky on the nose and incredibly refreshing. Perfect for a hot summer day.  It's very difficult to just have one!


Alc. 4.4%     15 IBU     15 EBC