Find Our Beers

OK so you've read the website, you've salivated over the beers and you now want to try them for yourself.  That's perfectly understandable but may not be a simple as you'd hoped.



1. We are a very small setup - we don't brew much at a time.

2. We also have "proper jobs" which means we only brew as and when we can.

3. We don't own a brewery - seems a bit fundamental that one but we are "gypsy" brewers and use other breweries' equipment when it's available.



That said we do aim to supply as many people as we can and help spread the word about Egghead.  We endeavour to keep this page as up to date as we can but inevitably it may not quite reflect reality.  Please check with the outlet directly.

The Hog at Horsley

A fantastically restored pub near Nailsworth in Gloucestershire where you'll find superbly kept ales and excellent mediterranean style tapas and other dishes.  Their Sunday Roasts are a bit special too!

The Red Lion, Cricklade

A wonderful beer pub at which Tom Gee creates some cracking ales including Tricerahops which is definitely worth seeking out if you're a hophead.  Great food and accommodation too.

The Salutation, Ham

CAMRA's National Pub of the Year 2014. My Ham, egg and chips of the Year 2015! I guess you can now get ham, egghead and chips! Peter and Claire run this perfect pub which we can't recommend highly enough.

The Village Inn, Nailsworth

Brilliant drink only pub in the heart of Nailsworth and also home of the Nailsworth Brewery. Lots of good beer and cider and plenty of live music and open mic evenings.

The Star, Fishponds

An cracking old pub in Bristol, restored by Oisin Hawes of Village Inn, Nailsworth and operating as a second outlet for the Nailsworth Brewery. The Star has a skittle alley in addition to the normal offerings from Nailsworth Brewery.

The Royal Oak, Tetbury

A beautifully restored pub with rooms with an excellent selection of beers, ales and food. Handily on the way from Eggheadquarters to home :)

Bar des Amies, Bristol

An excellent café/bar in Bristol showing just where the future of beer is heading. Knowledgeable staff, excellent food and a great atmosphere.

Tipputs, Horsley

Newly re-opened with fantastic local beer and food.  Superb steaks, wonderful puds and epic Yorkshire pudding roast sandwiches on a Sunday.

If you are interested in stocking our beers in either bottle, cask or keykeg, please sign up for the commercial mailing list and we'll tell you what's available and when.