Ceci n'est pas une IPA

EggHead-BPA Wrap LABEL_GSD.png
It's been a difficult process and to be honest there's still a way to go on our Belgian Pale Ale. The premise is to use English malt and hops but use Belgian Candi for colour and ferment it with a Belgian yeast. The issue seems to be getting the right combination of hop and yeast since the yeast seems to do some funky stuff to the hop characteristics. We don't want to compromise on the hops, nor do we want to move away from a Belgian yeast so it's going to be a painstaking process of trial and error. But we will get there!

Making it even more annoying is the fact that the beer bottle label we have waiting is probably my favourite!

P.S. the label is based on the painting "Golconde" by René Magritte.

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