Sou' West Available

Hot the heels of Cob Roller comes another new beer. This is a well-hopped English Pale Ale using English hops and malt. Pretty traditional stuff this that reminds me of a good Best Bitter style of beer. Very satisfying and 4.7% abv it turns the amp down a bit from the heady days of Wild West but I think it'll prove popular. If it doesn't prove popular then you'll probably never see it again! This should be available in pubs around the 3rd April.


The other news is that I've secured a conditioning tank. It needs a bit of welding, TLC and the obligatory Egghead stencil painting on the side but it will certainly improve our flexibility. The tank will allow us to condition beers after fermentation and then bottle or keg them directly. This allows us to produce naturally carbonated beer but not have to settle yeast in the final containers. It should prove particularly useful with stronger beers where bottle conditioning can vary enormously from bottle to bottle.

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